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Puerto de Indias

September 2018

The successful Gin Premium Puerto de Indias is celebrating the V Anniversary, top-ten in the world’s most consumed gins, more than 15 million bottles sold since its creation and taking more than half of the national consumption of pink gins.

In the last two years, the brand has multiplied its international sales by 2000, an opportunity that Wondercat didn’t miss at its anniversary party. Vértigo Comunicación trust us as a food design agency. 

Top Celebration: Wondercat designed a menu that combined Andalusian culture with international gastronomy, such as the Asian foods buffet Wondercat conceptualized an exclusive, corporate and original decoration in this amazing event for 900 people.

Andalusian Experience. Intergraf


The elegant and classic hacienda San Miguel de Montelirio, in Seville, was the location of this gala dinner. On this 22th Annual Congress, Wondercat goal was to bring our southern spanish culture closer to Intergraf international public through a gastronomic experience based on arabic, andalusian and nazari inspiration.