Wondercat is a food design agency

1. Briefing

2. Let’s conceptualise


3. Let’s design

4. Let’s produce and cook

Proyecto – Porsche

Study Case #1

Porsche & Pop


Porsche chose Wondercat to organise the presentation of its new concessionaire in Seville. This event main objective was getting notoriety and complicity from its audience through gastronomy.

In Wondercat, catering design agency, we always begin our projects by developing a concept and for this occasion, we decided to turn Porsche concessionaire into a pop art exhibition. In order to honor Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, we chose their artwork as the main theme. Moreover, guests were received with a photocall made by Lollipops to interact with. These Lollipops were made of quince with manchego cheese, foie with chocolate, foie with figs, partridge pâté with orange…


Regarding the catering service elements, there were a number of market stations specialized in gourmet canned tins, premium prosecco and waiters weared personalized uniforms inspired on Lichtenstein artwork. Our head chef completed this gastronomic experience with a coctel designed by himself, paying close attention to detail, color, shape and composition of the aperitifs.

The venue was personalized with pop art: the Porsche cars were customized with Warhol images and canvas with artistic reproductions were used as trays to serve the food during the cocktail.

To complete this atmosphere, Wondercat catering design agency chose a music band with ukelele, guitars and trombone to play doo wop music.


Proyecto – Intergraf

Study Case #2

Andalusian Experience. Intergraf


Intergraf is a federation of european companies specialized in printing security, networking and lobbying. They chose Wondercat catering design agency to produce their XXII Annual Congress. In this occasion, the Gala Dinner event took place in the Hacienda San Miguel de Montelirio, in Seville.

This international and technical congress took place in Seville in order to catch the personality of the andalusian culture. This is the reason why we built a gastronomic experience based on what makes Andalusia different, their late motiv: “Andalusian Experience”.


Wondercat catering design agency organized the infrastructure and staff necessities for a 2500 guests cocktail and gala dinner. Between these two gastronomic services, a equestrian show took place, starred by andalusian horses, a guitarist and a flamenco dancer.

The Hacienda San Miguel de Montelirio is located at Seville outskirts, chosen to add authenticity to the event.

Proyecto – Mercedes

Study Case #3

Mercedes E Class


Mercedes E Class is a modern, luxury and sporting model of sedan. This european car represents the perfect vehicle for long driving pleasure trips.

Wondercat food design agency managed Mercedes E Class launch in Seville, working with the brand based on the idea of reaching influencers who could make this product become a desired object. We decided to use the gastronomy to make it happen.


Therefore, we designed a recepies trip through different european cities and invited our guests to discover its elaborating during an interactive masterclass. The gastro-tour would start in Barcelona, to cook a Spanish Omelette deconstruction. At Rome, they would prepare a Stick Pizza, in Amsterdam, Thai Rolls and finally, in London the guests would create the legendary Gin Fizz cocktail.

For this experience, our head chef Nino Martín leaded and interacted with the influencers guested, while explaining the food designing process.


Proyecto – Covap

Study Case #4

COVAP Roadshow


COVAP is a livestock cooperative from el Valle de los Pedroches, in Córdoba, becoming a leading company in the diary and meat industry in Spain.

COVAP marketing department wanted to rise diary intake from other sustitutive products competition, and that was the beginning for our creativity team to start producing ideas for a gastronomic event.


Wondercat designed a road show through Andalusia to promote new and fun ways to consume milk. We created a food truck that would release recipes involving milk and other local products and offer them to the assistant public. The specialized baristas used fruit, cereals, chocolate and ice creams to create these awesome smoothies, milkshakes and cappuccinos.

This roadshow went through symbolic places in different andalusian cities becoming a real street event.

Proyecto – WCO

Study Case #5

WCO Congress


The World Congress on Osteoporosis is an international event gathering delegates from different countries. In 2014, the annual edition took place in Seville, and Wondercat chose an emblematic venue located in the historic city centre: the fascinating dome of the Casino de la Exposición, well known for being exclusive, elegant and easy to access from different parts of the city.

Our gastronomic offer included a corporate cocktail for all the assistants to the congress.


La agencia

The agency

Wondercat team works with concepts based on gastronomy in order to communicate ideas. We are food designers. We love to create different experiences for brands who want to impress their audience. Our projects begin with the client necessities and continue with conceptualization, design and finally, the 360 – gastronomic experience production.

We are the first gastronomic agency in Seville, meant to support corporate events with high added value, design communication plan actions under based on gastronomy and to develop new tools and services applied to hospitality.





Wondercat has worked with a great number of clients, both from the private and the public sector, national and international.

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